Arrange Outlook tasks in a tree view

Tasklist allows you to arrange Outlook tasks in a tree view with any number of nested levels. Create a task by dragging an email on to your task list. Tasklist turns the email into an Outlook task, and links the email to the task.

Save Word documents and Excel workbooks to your tasks

Link Word documents and Excel workbooks to a task, and filter your documents by task.

Link emails, contacts and notes to your tasks

Link Outlook items, such as emails, contacts and notes, to your Outlook tasks.

Supercharge your Outlook task list

Tasklist is not a substitute for your Outlook task list – just a way of arranging it into an intuitive, hierarchical view. The image shows the Outlook To-Do Bar, with the same tasks arranged in Tasklist.  Double-click on an item in your list to open the Outlook task and use all the native features of Outlook tasks.

With Tasklist you can create multiple Outlook task lists by assigning Outlook categories to your tasks, such as home, work, travel – whatever you choose. Filter the list by a category to see a list of tasks in that category.

Your list is completely private – all your tasks, emails, documents and time entries live on your hard drive, and Tasklist does not send your information to anyone, anywhere. We have no access to your computer.

Next Steps…

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