In Tasklist you can make a task list in a tree view with any number of nested levels.

synchronize your task list with microsoft to do

Synchronize your task list with Microsoft To Do and use the To Do web or mobile app to take it with you on the go.

Make linked notes in Microsoft OneNote

Post notes directly from Tasklist to Microsoft One Note, and use the One Note app to see your notes on the web or your mobile device. Tasklist will make new One Note tabs for your tasks, and post your notes to the relevant tabs.

Turn emails into tasks

Turn Outlook emails into tasks by dragging them on to your task list.

Save Word documents and Excel workbooks to your tasks

Link Microsoft Word documents and Excel workbooks to a task, and filter your documents by task.  You no longer need to create separate folders for your documents and workbooks.

Link emails, contacts and documents to your tasks

Link documents, emails and contacts to your tasks, and see the items linked to a task at a glance.

Assign categories to your tasks, and filter your list by category

With Tasklist you can create multiple task lists by assigning categories to your tasks, such as home, work, travel – whatever you choose. Filter your list by a category to see a list of tasks in that category.

Time your tasks

Use the Tasklist timer to time your tasks, and export your time to Microsoft Excel.

Other features

Tasklist has many other features to help keep you organized.  You can read about them on our Help page.


Your list is completely private – all your Tasklist tasks, emails, documents and time entries live on your hard drive.  If you tell it to, Tasklist will put your tasks and your notes in your Microsoft To Do and OneNote apps, but it asks your permission first.  We have no access to your task list or any information on your computer or in your To Do or One Note apps.  You can read our privacy policy here.

Next steps

Go to our download page to download a free, fully-functional 30-day trial of Tasklist.  Pricing and payment information is on our pricing page.