Arrange Outlook tasks in a tree view

Tasklist allows you to arrange Outlook tasks in a tree view with any number of nested levels.

Create tasks by dragging emails on to your task list

Create a task by dragging an email on to your task list. Tasklist turns the email into an Outlook task, and links the email to the task.

Link emails, contacts and documents to your tasks

Link Word documents and Outlook items, such as emails, contacts and distribution lists, to your Outlook tasks.

Supercharge your Outlook task list

Tasklist is not a substitute for your Outlook task list – just a way of arranging it into an intuitive, hierarchical view. Double-click on an item in your list to open the Outlook task and use all the native features of Outlook tasks.

With Tasklist your tasks become the lynchpin of your documents, contacts, distribution lists and appointments. Do you want to send an email about a task to your colleagues and counterparts? Just click on the task to see your Outlook contacts and distribution lists linked to the task. Then use the native Outlook features to send them an email.

With Tasklist you can create multiple Outlook task lists by assigning Outlook categories to your tasks, such as home, work, travel – whatever you choose. Filter the list by a category to see a list of tasks in that category.

Tasklist also allows you to time your tasks, and export your time to an Excel spreadsheet

Your list is completely private – all your tasks live on your hard drive, and Tasklist does not send any information to anyone, anywhere.

Next Steps…

Download a free 30-day trial by clicking here. The full version costs $9.95. If you decide not to buy it, you will still have all the tasks, documents and other items you created with it – you will just lose the Tasklist lists and links.