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The Tasklist app downloads a file called Tasklist.exe.  If it doesn’t pop up on your browser, please look for it in your Downloads folder, and click on it.

Your browser or Windows may warn you that the file is potentially unsafe. This is because an .exe file can install malware. Tasklist doesn’t install malware, or export any of your data or personal information. You can read more about us on our About Us page.

Click on the download buttons to download the setup files for Tasklist, and the Tasklist addins for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.  Install the Tasklist app first, then the apps for Word and Excel.  The Tasklist app will run without the Word and Excel apps, but the Word and Excel addins need the Tasklist app.

Excel and Word are © Microsoft Corp.


You will need to restart Excel and Word for the addins to load.