Time your tasks


The Tasklist timer is not intended for commercial use - for example, for billing customers or clients for your time.  Tasklist makes no promises concerning the accuracy of the timer, or the availability of data created by the timer.  You use the timer entirely at your own risk.


If your computer goes to sleep, the timer will stop.  Please stop the timer before turning off your computer, or your time may not be saved.


To time your tasks, go to the Tasklist tab on the Outlook ribbon, and click on Show Timer.



This will bring up the timer:



Click on "Select a task...".  This will bring up your task list.  Select a task from the list, and the timer will start timing the task.


You can start and stop the timer by pressing the Stop/Start button.

You can add a note to your time entry by clicking on the Note button.


You can start timing a different task by clicking on the "Select a task..." button.  There is no need to stop the current timer or to save the time.


You can change the time by stopping the timer, clicking on the time element you want to change (hours, minutes or seconds), and typing or using the up-down arrows to change the value.