Save a Word document to Tasklist


Saving a Word document to Tasklist associates the document with a task.

Open an existing document in Word, or start a new blank document.

Click on File in the ribbon tab above the document.  This will display the "backstage" view of the document.  Click on Save to Tasklist.



There are three ways you can save a document to Tasklist:

You can save the document as a new Tasklist document.  You would do this with a new document, or an existing document that has not previously been saved to Tasklist.

You can save the document as new version of itself.  You would do this if you have revised the document, and want to save the original version and the revised version.  You can do this only if the document is already saved to Tasklist; otherwise this option will be greyed out, and you should save the document to Tasklist before creating versions.

You can save the document as a version of any Tasklist document.  You might do this if you receive a version of a document from someone else, and want to save it as new version of your document.

To save the document as a new Tasklist document:

Click on "Save as a new document." 

This will display a dialog that asks for properties for the document:

Type a description for the document, such as "Letter to Mary."  Click on the ellipsis button to select a task from your task list.  If you like, type a note to be associated with the document, and click on OK.  Tasklist will--

Give the document a number.  The number of the first document you save to Tasklist will be 1.

Give the document a version number.  When you save a new document to Tasklist, the version number will be 1.

Give the document a file name.  This is the document number, followed by the version number and the description - in this case, 1_1 - Letter to Mary.docx

Save the document to a sub-folder called Tasklist in your default Documents folder.  If you uninstall Tasklist, all your documents will still be available to you in the Tasklist sub-folder of your Documents folder.