Arrange your task list


You can move a task from one parent to another by dragging it on to the new parent,


By default, your tasks are arranged alphabetically by description.  You can sort your task list by clicking on a column header.  For example, if you want to arrange your tasks by task number, use the field chooser to add the Number column to your task view, and click on the Number column header.




You can arrange your tasks into any order by using the blue up and down arrows in the button bar above your list.  For example, you may want to arrange your tasks in the sequence in which you need to perform them, rather than alphabetically or numerically.  Select a task, and click the up or down button to order the task in relation to its siblings. 




You can restore this sort order by clicking on the Custom Sort button on the button bar.  For example, if you arrange your tasks alphabetically by clicking on the Description column header, you can restore your custom sort order by clicking on the Custom Sort button.