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Install Tasklist directly with Microsoft Edge. If you are visiting this site with a current version of Microsoft Edge, click a button below to start the installation. Install the Outlook app first, then the apps for Word and Excel.

Install to Outlook with Microsoft Edge

Install to Excel with Microsoft Edge

Install to Word with Microsoft Edge

If you don’t have Microsoft Edge, you can download it here:

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Download installation files. If you are not using Microsoft Edge, you can download zipped installation files here.

Download installation files for Outlook

Download installation files for Excel

Download installation files for Word

Unzip the file, and double-click the .vsto file. That should start the installation. Be sure to unzip the zip file – Windows will show you the files in the zipped file, but you will get an error if you try to install the file without first unzipping it. Instead, when the file has downloaded, browse to your Downloads folder, right-click on the zip file, select Extract All to unzip it, and double-click on the unzipped .vsto file.