Using template tasks


Tasklist gives you a place to store task structures for repeated use.  These are called template tasks.  Once you have made a template structure, you can drag it on to your task list.  Tasklist will copy over the task structure, as well as the related Outlook tasks.  If you have documents or notes related to a template task, you can attach them to the related Outlook task, and copy them over with the template task.


To make a template task, click on the Template Tasks button in the Tasklist tab on the Outlook ribbon:



This will open a window containing an empty task list.  Here you can create re-usable task structures in exactly the same way you create them in your regular task list.  You can also drag tasks that you want to re-use from your regular task list on to your template task list.



If you want to add form documents, notes or links to a template task, you can open the related Outlook task by double-clicking on a task, and use the features of the Outlook task to attach files or links, or make notes.


To add a template task structure to your task list, drag the top-level template node on to the node in your task list where you want the structure to appear.


Dragging tasks from your template task list on to your regular list will copy over related Outlook tasks.  However, if you drag tasks from your regular list on to your template task list, Tasklist does not copy over the related Outlook tasks.