A note on timing


Manana scans your Manana folder periodically to find emails that are ready to be forwarded.  In the Options dialog you can set the frequency of these scans in minutes or hours.


The scan does not occur at any fixed time of day.  If you set the frequency at one hour, for example, the first scan will take place approximately one hour after you open Outlook, and subsequent scans at approximately one-hour intervals thereafter.  Windows gives low priority to timers, so a scan may not take place on time if Windows is busy doing something else.  Because of this, you should not rely on Manana for exact timing.


If you want to see when an email in your Manana folder is scheduled to come back to you, you can check the MananaTime field in Outlook.  To do this, go to your Manana Mail folder, right-click on the column header, and select View Settings:



Click on Columns...



In the Show Columns dialog, select "User-defined fields in folder", select MananaTime from the available columns, and press Add:



If you don't see a user-defined field called MananaTime, you can add it by pressing New Column, and adding it as a Date/Time field.  Note that MananaTime is case sensitive.



This should add the MananaTime field to your Outlook view:



Manana will return the email to you on the next scan after the day and time in the MananaTime field.  You will see from this illustration that one email has a specific time (10:30 PM), and two say 12:00 AM.  The 10:30 PM time was set by entering hours in the edit box on the Manana ribbon.  The 12:00 AM times were set using the calendar on the Manana ribbon:  if you use the calendar, Manana will always set the time to 12:00 AM on the date you choose, so the email will come back to you on the first scan of the day.