Manana gives some options.  Access the options by pressing the options button on the ribbon tab:



Here are the options:



Email address for Manana emails

This is the email address that Manana will forward your emails to when you are ready to get them back.


When I send an email to Manana...

You send an email to Manana by clicking Manana! on the ribbon.  You can choose here whether Manana should move the email to your Manana folder, or leave it in your inbox, and put a copy of it in your Manana folder.  If you decide to move it, you can always find it in your Manana folder.


Delivery preferences for Manana emails

When Manana is ready to return an email to your inbox, it can do it in either of two ways:

It can use your email account to forward the email to you.  The email will appear in your inbox as a forwarded email.  The advantage of this option is that the email will appear at the top of your inbox if you sort your inbox by date received.

Manana can move the email back into your inbox, and mark it as unread.  However, it will appear in the order of its original date, so it may not be near the top of your inbox.


Scan my Manana folder and forward my emails...

Manana scans your Manana folder periodically, and forwards or moves emails to your inbox when they are ready.  Use this option to set how often Manana scans your Manana folder.  The default is every hour.