Manana for Outlook lets you remove an email from your Outlook inbox, and return it to your inbox after a specified number of minutes, hours or days, or on a particular date.  The email doesn't leave your computer - it is moved to an Outlook folder called "Manana Mail" until it is ready to be returned to your inbox.   If you need it before the return time you specified, you can find it in your Manana Mail folder.


Manana puts a group of controls in the ribbon tab above your Outlook inbox, and it puts the same controls in the ribbon tab of an email when you open it.




You tell Manana when you want the email back by typing a number in the When? text box, followed by h for hours, or d for days.  For example, if you want an email back in 4 hours, type 4h. If you want it back in two days, type 2d.  Or you can click on Calendar, and pick any date.  Then click Manana!, and you're done - Manana will move the email to your Manana Mail folder, and put it back in your inbox after the interval you specified.