Creating Tasklist tasks automatically


You can set Tasklist to add a task to your task list whenever you make a new task in Outlook.  Open the Options dialog from the Tasklist ribbon bar.



Under "When I create or import an Outlook task:"


If you select "Create a root Tasklist task," Tasklist will add the Outlook task as a root (top-level) task in your task list.

If you select "Create a Tasklist task as a child of the focused task," Tasklist will create the task as a child of the task that is selected in your task list.


The second option is not a good one if you want to import multiple tasks from Excel or some other outside source. For automated importing, select "Create a root Tasklist task." You can easily move the imported tasks once they are imported.  There are full instructions in Creating Tasklist tasks automatically.


This gives you a quick way to create tasks.   Open Outlook, and put the Outlook task list next to Tasklist. 


In Tasklist options, select "Create a Tasklist task as a child of the focused task."


Select a parent task in Tasklist (on the right).  Type a name for the new task in Outlook (on the left), and press Enter.  Outlook will create the new task, and Tasklist will add it to your list: