Using categories


You can add categories to a task, and you can filter your task list to show tasks of a particular category only.  For example, you could have a category for "Home" and one for "Work," and you could assign tasks to either category (or both).  You can then filter your list to see only "Home" tasks, or only "Work" tasks.  If you assign a task to more than one category, it will appear in the filtered list of each of the assigned categories.


By filtering your list based on categories, you can create multiple task lists for different purposes.


Assigning tasks to categories

You use Outlook to assign a category to a task.  Open the Outlook task by double-clicking on the Tasklist task. Click on Categorize on the ribbon bar.



Select a category from the drop-down list.  You can add categories and edit the names and colors of your categories by selecting "All Categories."

You can assign more than one category to a task.  Your task list shows the assigned categories for your tasks:


Filtering tasks by category

To filter your task list by category, click on the "Filter by category" button on the Tasklist toolbar:


This will bring up a form for you to select a category to filter by:



Select a category, and click OK.  By default, the checkbox to include uncategorized parents and children is checked.  The filtered list will show not only tasks of the category you select, but their direct parents to the root node, and all their children. It shows parents so you can see where the task is in the tree view.  It shows children on the assumption that you will want to see the assigned task's subtasks, even if they are not specifically assigned.  For example, the task list in the illustration below has been filtered for "Emails."  The only qualifying task is Task, but its direct parents and its children are also shown for context:


If you uncheck the checkbox, the filtered list will show only the tasks assigned to the category you select.  This illustration shows the same list, this time filtered without uncategorized parents and children:



You can clear a category filter by clicking on the "Clear category filter" button on the Tasklist toolbar.