In order to use Tasklist for Microsoft Word and Tasklist for Microsoft Excel, you must first install Tasklist for Outlook, and then the separate Tasklist Word and Excel extensions. 


The Tasklist for Microsoft Word and Excel extensions allow you to link Word documents and Excel spreadsheets (called workbooks) to your tasks.  They also allow you to save versions of documents and workbooks, and to import documents and workbooks you receive from others into Tasklist.


Tasklist makes a subfolder called Tasklist in your default Windows Documents folder, and saves your documents and workbooks there.  Tasklist needs to give each document and workbook a unique name so it can find the right one for you.  It names documents and workbooks in the format 1v2, where 1 is the document or workbook number, and 2 is the version number of document or workbook No. 1.  You can give the document or workbook a descriptive name, which Tasklist saves in its database. 


If you uninstall Tasklist, it won't delete your documents or workbooks, but you will loose the descriptive names.  You can open your documents from the Tasklist documents folder, and save them with a new name.  Tasklist does not prevent you from storing documents elsewhere, so you can save a document to your Documents folder in the normal way, or to Tasklist, or both.


The Word and Excel extensions work the same way.  These instructions use the Word extension for illustration, but the same instructions apply to the Excel extension.