Filtering your document list


Filtering by task


To filter your documents by task, click on "Open from Tasklist" in the backstage view of any document.  This will give you your task list.  Click on the ellipsis button:



This will show you your task list.  Select a task, click OK, and Tasklist will filter your document list to show you only the documents associated with the task you selected.


Filtering by date


You can filter your document list by the date on which a document was created, or the date on which it was most recently edited.  From the drop-down list you can choose to search for documents created or edited on a particular date, on or after a particular date, before a particular date, or between two dates.





Filtering by column


You can filter by document number, description, version or author by clicking above the column in the panel labeled "Click here to define a filter."   For example, if you want to find a document by its number, type the number above the Number column, and press enter:



In the same way, you can search by description, version or author.  For example, if you just want to see the first version of each document, type "1" above the version column, and press enter.  If you then open a document, Tasklist will prompt you to open the most recent version.


To filter by date, use the search feature in the panel to the right, not the column header.


To clear the filter, delete it, and press Enter.