Add a task from Outlook


If you already have Outlook tasks that you want to add to the app, you can drag them on to the app from Outlook.  You have to do this from the Tasks folder, not the Outlook To-Do Bar.  To go to the Tasks folder, you may have to click on the three dots at the foot of the folder pane:



From here you should open up the Tasks folder.  To add a Outlook task as a root task, drag it on to the empty area of the app; to add it as child task, drag it on to the parent.  If you drag it to the wrong place by mistake, you can drag it to the right place within the app.  Dragging from the Outlook To-Do Bar will not add the task.


If you create a task in Outlook, the app will add a link to the task as a root task in your task list.  If you want the new root task to be the child of another task, you can drag it on to the parent task in the app.