Arrange your task list



You can re-arrange the relationships of tasks in your task list by dragging nodes from one parent to another.  When you drag a node that has children, the child nodes will drag along with it. To turn a root task into a child task, drag it on to its parent.


If you want to turn a child task into a root task, right-click on it, and select Make this a root task.



You can sort the order of your task list by clicking on the column header.  For example, clicking on the Description column header will sort sibling nodes alphabetically.




You can also sort your list by column by right-clicking on the column header, and selecting Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.




To re-order sibling tasks, right-click on a task, and press the Move up or Move down menu item.  If you have sorted your list in one of the ways described above, this will unsort your list.  This is because the sort order dictates the order of sibling nodes, and you therefore cannot move individual nodes when your list is sorted.