Add attributes to your tasks


Each task on your task list is associated with a Microsoft Outlook task that is stored in your default Tasks folder.  You can access the Outlook task by double-clicking on the task in your list.  You can use all of the features of the Outlook task, some of which are shown in your task list.  For example, you can: 

Change the name of the task; the new name will be reflected in your task list. 

Set a task reminder.  Outlook will remind you when the task is due. 

Add notes and attachments to the task. 

Add a due date to the task. The due date is reflected in your task list.  In addition, tasks that are due soon or are overdue are flagged in your task list.  A white flag indicates that the task is due within a week.  A yellow flag indicates that is due today.  A red flag indicates that it is overdue.



Give the task a priority of low, medium or high.  Task list indicates a low-priority task with a blue down-arrow, and a high-priority task with a red exclamation point.  



Set the status of the task.  Your task list will indicate the status if you set it to any of the following:

oIf you set the status to "Waiting on someone else" or "Deferred," Tasklist will display an icon next to the task to indicate that you need not act on the task for now.



oIf you set the status to "Complete," Tasklist will mark the task as struck-through, and will also mark all its child tasks as complete.