View your task list


By default, your task list is displayed at the right of your Outlook screen.  You can minimize it and show it again by clicking on the show-hide arrows at the right of the top panel.



You can hide your task list altogether by clicking on the Hide Task List button in the Tasklist tab on the Outlook ribbon bar:



Click on the same button to show your list again.


You can move your task list to other areas of your Outlook window by dragging and dropping the header panel (the panel with the label "Task list").  To do this, click on "Task list," and drag it.  Icons will appear indicating where you can drop your list.



By default, your task list shows columns for Description,  Importance, and Due Date.



You can add additional columns by clicking on the column header and selecting the Field Chooser.


You can add columns to your task list by dragging them from the field chooser on to the task list column header.


You can remove a column from your task list by right-clicking on the column header, and choosing Remove This Column.