Time your tasks


Tasklist allows you time a task.  On the Tasklist ribbon at the top of the screen, click on Timer.  



This will produce a small window.  To start timing a task, click on the ellipsis () button, and select the task you want to time from the drop-down list.  You can stop, start and reset the timer using the buttons to the right.   



With the timer stopped, you can manually edit the time.  When you restart the timer, it will start with the time you entered.


If you are timing a task and want to time a different one, it is not necessary to stop the timer.  Click on the ellipsis button and select a different task. The timer will stop timing the current task, and start timing the new one.  


When you start the timer on a task, it looks to see if you already have time for that task today.  If you do, it loads the time.

From the timer you can-


Start, stop and reset the timer.



Make a memo for the time entry.  Click on the "Time memo" button. This will give you a dialog box in which you can edit the entry, and add a description of what you did.  You can also edit the time, but only if the timer is not running.  



Create Outlook items that will be associated with the task that is active in the timer, such as emails, notes (Outlook post items) and appointments.  You can do this by clicking on the buttons to the left of the timer.



The timer runs within Microsoft Outlook.  If you close Outlook, it will stop the timer.