Updated version of Tasklist

Version of Tasklist is now available for download.

The program has been updated to fix an occasional problem of Outlook crashing when the task list is displayed in the reading pane, and the user selects items (such as emails) in the explorer pane.  To solve this problem the task list has been moved out of the reading pane, and by default now appears to the right of the reading pane.  Additional regions have been added to which the task list can be dragged.  To see these, click and drag the top panel (with the label “Task list”), and icons will appear in the regions of the screen to which the task list can be moved.

You can hide and show the task list by clicking on the double arrows at the right of the top Task list panel.

To install the updated version, uninstall Tasklist using the control panel, and download the new version using the Free Trial button, and unzip and install it.  It should not be necessary to re-enter your activation key.

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